Paper 2 type
Tyvek paper [white] like Fedex packaging.
Kraft paper [brown,dark brown,black] like Jeans labels.

Tyvek and Kraft paper is sustainable material, tear resistant,
water resistant, lightweight, very durable and simple

Real cow leather 2 color
[Natural and Black color]

Zipper 2 type
- YKK metal zipper 7 color [Brown, Yellow, Black, Pink, White, Grey and Light pink]
- Plastic zipper 2 color [Yellow and Black]


Product Care

The bag is washable bag

but I recommend, if the bag little dirty you wash it a little bit better

because if you wash so much and often
texture of paper is loosen little by little become to smooth

I recommend this,because I like the texture of the paper
However, Paper is waterproof and can wash

Water is Ok, Raining day is Ok, Washing machine is Ok too

Thank you!